The owners and operators of take your online privacy seriously. This
document outlines the types of information collected by our servers and provides links to the
privacy policies of our third-party advertising partners.

User Accounts:-

Membership is an optional part of the web site. No user account is
required in order to browse or download the content we provide. However, creating an account
enables extra features such as (but not limited to) the ability to submit content, create a list of
your own wallpapers, or post comments.

By creating an account, you are volunteering certain information about yourself that will be
stored on our servers. This data includes at a minimum a Username, Password, and valid Email
Address. Additional information may optionally be added by you to your account profile. Your
profile information is Public and may appear on our web site, with the exception of your Email
Address and Password.

Personally Identified Data:-

We strongly discourage users from entering their full name, phone number, physical address, or
other sensitive information in user profiles, comments, or other areas of the site. Furthermore,
we request that minors and any individuals with limited decision making ability not create an
account on this site without the approval and supervision of a guardian.

We make a reasonable attempt to monitor for cases where users post personally identifiable
information about other individuals to public portions of the web site and remove the offending

Server Logs:-

Like most web sites, logs web-, database-, and other server-software usage
and access information. This information may include your internet protocol (IP) address, which
in many cases can be translated to an affiliation (such as your work, school, or internet service
provider), or a geographical location. We only use this information for debugging purposes and
for aggregating into anonymous usage and traffic statistics.


While browsing, a small number of text files referred to as "cookies" may
be created on your local file system by your web browser at the request of our servers. These
files allow us to personalize the browsing experience for both registered and non-registered
users. You are free to delete them at any time, or configure your browser not to create them.
However, we do not promise that every feature of will function as expected

without cookies enabled.

Third-Party Advertisers:-

In order to cover the costs of providing purehdwallpaper as a free resource to the public, we
have relationships with many third-party advertising networks. The practices of our advertising
partners are not directly covered by's privacy policy. We recommend that
you read their policies. For your convenience we provide a list our advertising partners below.
Unfortunately we cannot guarantee it is always comprehensive and up to date.

Google AdSense:-

We present you the following information about Google and the Double Click DART cookie:

• Google, as a third party vendor, uses cookies to serve ads on your site.

• Google's use of the DART cookie enables it to serve ads to your users based on their visit
to your sites and other sites on the Internet.

• Users may opt out of the use of the DART cookie by visiting the Google ad and content
network privacy policy

Sharing/Selling of Data:- does not share or sell personally identifiable data to third parties such as
spammers or direct marketers. We respect your privacy.

Account Cancellation:-

Upon request, your account can be canceled. Your user profile will
no longer appear on the web site and your submissions will no longer be listed publicly for
download. Any comments you have posted will still appear and include your username, but will
not be linked to your profile. After cancellation, you will be not be available for log-in.

Data Retention:-

The data submitted to and generated by this web site may be copied to additional machines for
redundancy and backup purposes.

For any problems or questions don't hesitate to contact us.

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